Content Marketing that Increases Website Traffic, Search Engine Rankings, & Revenue

Strise makes content marketing stress free with our comprehensive content marketing services. With our content marketing services, our expert team of content marketing experts develops, writes, edits, and promotes custom (and search engine friendly) content for your business. Work with Strise for all your content marketing needs from blog articles, online guides, to videos.

Results Driven & Revenue Generation Content Marketing Services

Is your business making the most of the leads that you generate? Using drip marketing is one of the best ways to keep your business in the minds of your leads by putting timely, relevant, and targeted emails in front of them at the right time. Strise’s drip campaigns for  email marketing include:

Content marketing is truly one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies today. Having the ability to double or even triple website conversion rates, drive brand awareness, while generating website traffic, content marketing is a necessity to increasing your company’s revenue.

Partnering with Strise as your content marketing services partner, we will create custom content that follows all search engine optimization (SEO) standards. The best thing is that we put all our pricing upfront, that way you know exactly what you’re paying for.  

Keep reading to learn more about how our content marketing helps your business grow and reach your goals. 

Ready to use content marketing in your business or just looking for information? Contact us online to chat with an expert from our team to learn more about how content can generate new customers for your business.

What's in our content marketing services?

Content Strategy

We include a custom content strategy, built for your business, your audience, and your goals in all of our content marketing packages. This will ensure that we are creating something unique for your business that will actually produce results.

Content Development

After your content strategy, we will create a content calendar for your company's must-share content. Depending on the plan you choose, you may receive 2-10 pieces of content every month.

Content Creation

We have a top-of-the-line in-house copywriting and marketing team that will begin creating your custom content. It doesn't matter if it's a blog post, online guide, video, or infographic we have you covered.

Content Optimization

All of our content marketing services include SEO, which means we optimize your content for visitors and rank your content high on search engines.

Content Promotion

Using our network of experts, we help promote your content online in the areas that matter most to your audience. This creates a surge in website traffic and website leads for your business.

Content Reporting

Every month, we provide an easy-to-understand content report that shows the performance (and returns) of your content for your business.

Strise Process to Content Marketing

Strise has generated over $15 million in revenue for our clients, we know and understand how to deliver actionable results. This is done with our managed digital marketing provider (MDMP) approach, custom strategy, and dedicated account manager. We include all of these and more with all of our content marketing packages because we want your business to succeed. 

If you don’t know which of our packages is right for your business, contact our marketing experts online or through chat. They can give advice, and suggestions, on which content marketing plan is right for your business.

In addition, they can answer any questions you may have about the many content marketing assets we can create, which include:

It doesn’t matter which content marketing service package you choose, you will receive our amazing team to deliver a competitive custom strategy and marketing campaign that will help you reach your company’s goals.

1) Content strategy and keyword research

The first step to content marketing is our team will work with you to fully understand your company, goals, and industry. We will then create a custom content marketing strategy, designed to help your website’s content rank higher in search engine results and convert more customers.

A large part of our content strategy is keyword research. When we research the keywords that are important to your audience, we can develop custom and valuable evergreen content that will continuously drive high-quality traffic to your website.

An example would be, if you’re a kitchen remodeling company, we may build content around these keywords:

I’m sure you can tell, the evergreen content we create will use keywords that will focus on answering a user’s question. These aren’t normal transactional keywords, like, “kitchen remodeling company.”

How do we know the correct keywords to use? Good Question!

Using Strise as your content marketing service provider, we look at several factors when conducting our keyword research for your business, including:

Once finished, we move to create a custom content plan for you.

2) Content development

After completing our keyword research and developing your custom content plan, we focus on creating a content schedule. We build a content calendar for your strategy and establish deadlines for writing and delivering the content to you for review.

Depending on your plan we will develop between 2 and 10 pieces of content for you every month. 

During development, your account manager will also provide you with a walkthrough of our platforms and software. Please ask them questions, and they’ll be happy to answer and help you troubleshoot any issues.

3) Creating The Content

Content creation is the core behind any content marketing plan. 

With the expertise of our content writers and graphic designers, we can create multiple types of content, including long-form content, blog posts, infographics, digital guides, white papers, and more for your company’s content marketing strategy.

After the content is created our team of editors will review each piece of content to verify it matches your branding standards. Once the editors give it a thumbs up your account manager will look over your deliverables, and then they will send them to you for feedback.

If you have any changes at all, we can take care of them quickly and send them right back over for approval.

4) Content optimizations

Our content writers will optimize your content for search, but just to make sure nothing was missed your account manager will as well. Here is an example, let’s say we created a piece of long-form content for your website. They will create a compelling title tag and meta description for it and make sure the keywords are also there.

This means we create optimized content for your visitors and search engines. By optimizing your content for both, we provide your content the best opportunity for success. This means it will resonate with your target audience and rank well in search results.

Strise provides both content marketing and generates SEO results with our content marketing services.

5) Content promotion

Strise’s content marketing services also include content promotion for your business. We utilize our experienced network of marketers that will distribute your content online. We will share it on different industry-related websites and social platforms that matter most to your business.

This type of content promotion enables us to boost your brand awareness, and expose more people to your brand message. The more people connect with your content online,  the faster you will reap the benefits of increased website traffic, conversions, and revenue.

We can also use paid advertising strategies, like pay-per-click, or social media advertising to promote your content across the web.

6) Monthly reporting

Because data and analytics is so important to us, we don’t just stop after creating and promoting your content!

All of our content marketing services include custom reporting and dashboards that allow you to monitor your return on investment (ROI) and drive the best possible results from your digital marketing and content marketing services.

As a part of our top 2 content marketing packages, you will get a monthly content marketing strategy report. Your account manager compiles this report, which includes tons of helpful information you can look at and see how your campaigns are performing. 

It doesn’t matter which tier of our content marketing services you choose, you will have access to insightful data. A few examples include competitor analysis, as well as changes in your competitor’s websites.

Our clients have access to SMCloud, our proprietary marketing software, that allows you to easily track leads from your website’s content. This helps us see if certain types of content or topics work well for your business, and then we will revise your content strategy to focus on creating content that has the highest impact.

When you partner with a full-service digital marketing agency like Strise, you no longer have to worry about creating your content. We will create and launch your content marketing strategy for you. We also have a great team of writers with backgrounds in manufacturing, healthcare, legal, home services, retail, and a ton of other industries. 

Keep reading to learn more about our pricing and what’s included in each package.


Should you pay for Content Marketing?

If you’re a  business that wants to reach your target audience with digital marketing, then content marketing is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if your business operates offline, content marketing services offer value for your bottom line. When you have a powerful content marketing strategy, you now have the ability to connect with your target audience a few blocks away or halfway around the world.

Using content marketing to reach your audience gives you the following benefits:

1. Grow your business

Your customers are using the Internet for everything, from posting videos of their pets to finding products for their new home. The internet is growing so quickly that 80 percent of consumers are now using the Internet for researching services or products. This is even more true when it comes to local searches, these types of searches have increased by more than 500 percent in recent years.

In order to grow your business, it’s no longer enough to use traditional marketing or advertising like radio, mailers, billboards, or television.

Online visibility is critical to the success of your business, this is where content marketing comes into use. Using a custom, strategic content marketing plan, and our results-driven content marketing agency, you will connect with consumers in varying stages of your sales funnel.

Using your content, such as video, long-form content, blog posts, or infographics, you create top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content that will guide your users from one stage to the next. This will continue to push them to the bottom of the funnel which will result in purchases, quote requests, and calls.

The result? A business that’s continuously growing even in a covid world, with zero signs of slowing down.

2. Build your brand awareness

The brand of your company is one of the most valuable things that you own. It defines your business and contributes to the retention and loyalty of your customers. Your brand influences their purchase decisions, this is why building your brand awareness is critical to the success of your digital marketing.

Using our content marketing services, we will increase awareness of your brand throughout your target audience. Just remember, this is not an overnight fix,  it does take time to build brand awareness.

This is why content marketing is an ongoing process,  just like search engine optimization (SEO).

Similar to search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing drives long-term revenue and brand awareness for your business. When you increase brand awareness, you will see an increase in shoppers choosing your business when they’re ready to buy.

You might be wondering Why?  Well, it’s because for weeks, months, or maybe even years, you’ve been providing them with high-quality, educational, and informative content. Your quality content has been providing value, answering their questions, and offering them guidance.

Recent research confirms that content marketing is a powerhouse when it comes to brand awareness. When you build your brand and establish brand loyalty, you are going to increase your revenue up to nine times! That’s huge, especially if you are in a competitive industry.

3. Increase your revenue

What is the biggest reason why companies are investing in content marketing? It’s because of the increase in conversion rates. Recent studies have shown that businesses with content marketing plans have conversion rates over six times higher than businesses that do not use this digital marketing strategy.

This means that if your monthly conversion rate is 35 percent, it doesn’t matter if it’s product purchases, store visits, or newsletter sign-ups. Getting a six-time increase would boost your conversion rate by two percent. Now, this may seem like a small increase, but when you consider the average value of a new lead, new customers, and the average spend of a customer that two percent is a nice jump.

Now that you know that I want you to think about your competition. Using our results-driven content marketing services, you gain a huge competitive edge in your industry. This edge will help your business get more leads and paying customers, this will greatly limit the growth of your competition.

The result is more visitors, more leads, more customers, and more revenue.

4. Reach your target audience

We live in a digital world,  and because of this consumers have a massive amount of power. They can now block ads on their web browsers, and choose which websites and companies can interact with them online. This can make it very difficult to reach your target audience with only advertising.

When you use content marketing services, your business now becomes an online hub for your target customer. This will allow you to learn about your target audience and research their preferences and pain points.

We then build a custom, results-driven, and comprehensive content marketing strategy that encourages them to read, interact and share your content.

Content marketing will also appeal to how today’s consumer’s shop.

When your customers are researching a product or service, they will normally read almost 12 pieces of content before purchasing. Now even though some of that content will come from non-competitor websites, such as news sites, your target audience will arrive on competing sites as they read more content that pushes them to the bottom of the funnel.

Working with a content marketing agency like Strise, you can prevent that from happening to your business. 

Our team of content marketing experts will create a custom strategy that includes the bottom of the funnel content, middle, and top of the funnel content as well. This kind of strategy will help you connect with your potential customers in the early, middle, and later stages of the buying funnel.

This way when your target audience is ready to make their buying decision, they choose your business instead of your competition.

5. Expand your consumer base

Most companies focus the majority of their marketing strategy on reaching the bottom of the funnel (BOFU) customers. We completely understand why they concentrate on that, those consumers normally offer immediate results.

But if you truly want to grow your business, you also have to think about users in the earlier stages of your funnel. Now even though they won’t call your business, book an appointment, or purchase your product on the first day, they will respond to your calls-to-action (CTAs).

You might ask yourself Why?

The answer is easy: Before they are ready to buy, consumers will want to learn about your company,  but in a non-sales way. Over  70 percent of users want to get to know a business through content, like articles or blog posts, rather than advertisements. 

Here is an example, let’s say someone is researching an orthodontist to straighten their teeth. Having high-quality content will help them learn about your facility and staff, and build a relationship with your business before they even come in for a consultation.

Now compared to an advertisement, an ad won’t create that kind of relationship or bond. In fact, over 70 percent of digital marketers find content marketing much more effective than print ads, this is why medical content marketing is critical to the healthcare sector.

When you consider every step of your buying funnel for your company’s digital and content marketing strategy, you now have the potential to grow your consumer base. This means having a bigger following, you can now boost the other benefits of content marketing, like increased conversions and brand awareness.

6. Maximize your digital marketing ROI

Digital marketing gives you the ability to create a long-term source of revenue for your business, and using our digital marketing content services will maximize your investment. When you have a bigger ROI, you can now reinvest in your digital marketing strategies, as well as expand your business and its services.

Even though content marketing’s ROI varies depending on the industry, it does deliver better results than traditional marketing.

If we had to put a number on it, digital marketing generates almost 55 percent more leads than traditional marketing.

 The best part is that we focus on developing evergreen content for your business. This type of content attracts new consumers on a daily basis and stays relevant for years to come.

Content marketing has other perks as well, when compared to traditional marketing content marketing costs almost 62 percent less. This will increase your company’s ROI even more while maximizing the results of your digital marketing strategy.

For Strise, it’s mandatory that you see a return on your investment. This is why we measure our success by the success of our clients and guarantee our services.

7. Become an industry leader

When your target audience researches their next purchase, they will search for information across different sources. Using our content marketing services, your business will become an industry-trusted source for your niche market.

This will develop several benefits:

People trust your company: When people trust you, it’s an immediate win. Having compelling and informational content, your business can build trust with users early in the funnel, this will confirm your business as their top pick.

People share your content: When you produce high-quality, high-value content, your potential customers are going to share it. When they share your company’s content with friends, family, and coworkers, your business is going to attract the attention of people in your target audience.

People choose your company: This is the best benefit of becoming an industry-trusted business, and that is the conversions. When you’re a leader in your niche, it becomes easy for users to call your business, purchase your product, or visit your store because you are the best of the best in the industry.

Just like earning the number one position on the first page of search results for a high-value keyword in SEO, it’s going to take time for your company to evolve into an industry leader. This is why content marketing is an ongoing, long-term strategy.

As a result, it’s critical that you choose a trusted and reputable content marketing service provider, like Strise. With years of experience, as well as tons of reviews from satisfied clients, a great team of experts, our guarantee of our services, and our 90% retention rate, we’re the recommended choice for content marketing services that perform.

Our pricing for Content Marketing Services

We understand that every business is unique, this is why we offer custom content marketing services. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to market your business to sell a product or service, we can build a custom marketing strategy that will be tailored to your business. 

Learn more about our content marketing services below, we include costs and what comes with each package.


$ 1,000 Monthly
  • 3 Pieces of Content
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Cloud Based Project Management Schedule
  • Blogs, Infographics, & Videos Included
  • SEO Optimized


$ 2,000 Monthly
  • 6 Pieces of Content
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 1 Custom Graphic
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Paid Content Promotion


$ 3,000 Monthly
  • 9 Pieces of Content
  • Monthly Content Strategy
  • Current Content Optimization
  • Competitor Change Analysis
  • Content Upload To Website

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