Copywriting Services That Rank Your Business

Strise is a leading copywriting agency that will maximize your digital success with original, compelling copy. This could be blog posts, sales content, whitepapers, to online guides. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to increase engagement, get more website traffic, or increase your sales, our copywriting services can help your business achieve its goals.

Copywriting Services That Grow Businesses

Your website copy is one of the most critical components of your website.

It connects your company with your website visitors and persuades them to book an appointment, purchase a product, contact your company, visit your store, or even download a lead magnet. In order to get a compelling copy that resonates with your visitors and increases your search engine ranking, you need to invest in copywriting services.

Our copywriting team features professionals from all industries that have copywriting experience with technical and non-technical copywriting, that delivers accurate, engaging, and persuasive copy.

Learn more about our industry-leading copywriting services by checking out our pricing plans below.

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Website Copywriting Services

We offer three copywriting service plans, all include search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your content ranks high in search results.

No matter what content your company needs, Strise can create the copy and deliver the results that you’re looking for.

What do we include in our copywriting services?

When you partner with Strise for any copywriting services, it doesn't matter if it’s blog posts, E-books, product descriptions, online guides, or long-form content, we customize everything to your business. Because we customize everything and don't use cookie-cutter strategies, we have been able to drive more than $15 million in revenue for our clients.

We are results-driven, this is why all our copywriting services include the following:

1) Keyword research

For all of our copywriting services, our keyword experts research relevant and valuable keywords for your industry, products or services, and target audience. This starts with our first call together and our analysis. This allows us to develop powerful content for your website, ranging from share-worthy long-form content to powerful sales copy.

Unlike other copywriting agencies, we power our keyword research with AI. This machine learning and artificial intelligence software powers SMCloud, our exclusive marketing platform. With SMCloud, we can access millions of points of data and develop a data-driven keyword strategy.

2) Content development

In order for your business to succeed, you have to have a professional, high converting, well-written website. This is why we have an advanced team of copywriters and copy editors. Their industry-specific backgrounds range from technical to non-technical. This allows us to match your business with a knowledgeable and experienced copywriter for your industry.

We take the time to verify the accuracy of your content by performing in-depth research into your industry. We take what we know along with your brand guidelines, which allows our copywriters to produce high converting targeted copy that appeals to your target audience.

3) Optimized SEO copy

What we do is not just write compelling content for your website, we make sure it is optimized for search engines. Our copywriting experts strategically and naturally use keywords throughout your copy, this allows us to maximize the reach and online visibility of your website and content.

Because of this, you can be excited to see your website appearing in relevant search results and driving valuable traffic to your site.

4) Website implementation

In order for your content to start performing, it has to be published on your website. This is why our copywriting services include webpage implementation. After you have reviewed and approved your content, we will upload and publish it on your website.

Depending on what copywriting services you are getting, we will also produce visuals for your content.

5) Dedicated project manager

Because we partner with you and create personalized strategies, whether it’s for our copywriting or content marketing services. When you partner with Strise, we match you with an awesome account manager that invests the time to learn your business, industry, and goals.

Because of our unique approach, we produce amazing results for our copywriting services.

When we understand your company, we can develop an original and data-driven strategy for your business, which is how we’ve generated more than 250 thousand leads for our clients in the last 18 months alone.

Copywriting Services That Grow Businesses

Interested in learning more about different copywriting services? Learn more below.

1. Copywriting services

With more than 70 percent of businesses and 80 percent of consumers turning to search engines when researching an upcoming product purchase. With our copywriting services, we concentrate on producing SEO-friendly blogs and articles for your website. This will allow you to capture users in the early stages of the buying funnel and then nurture and convert them into paying customers. 

We maximize the effectiveness of your articles and blog posts by researching your target audience. We learn their pain points and wants, which allows us to create content that appeals to them and supports your digital marketing goals.

Our copywriting experts also help your copy appear in industry-specific search results by including keywords that coordinate with your content’s topic.

2. Website, technical, & sales copywriting services

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to add content to a new service webpage or update an existing service page, our sales, and technical copywriting services can fulfill your needs. When you choose this service, our team of expert marketers develops a content and keyword strategy for your service pages.

Once the strategy is complete our copywriters will write your reader-friendly and search engine-friendly copy. This targeted copy will boost your website’s rank in search results, which will lead to more high-qualified traffic to your website. This copy is persuasive and convincing for website visitors, which will maximize your conversions on your website itself.

No matter what industry you’re in, your target market, or your service/product, this service is an excellent option for growing your business.

3. Long-form copywriting

Your shoppers and search engines, love long-form content. This type of content draws readers to your site and keeps them there longer. Long-form content can also direct them to helpful, related content, like a blog post, article, or even a product page.

But, what is long-form content, though?

Long-form copy is a specialized form of website copywriting that answers a question or provides solutions to a problem. Long-form copy often includes specific, actionable details that keep users engaged. The best part is that long-form content has the best chance of maintaining a high ranking over time.

For the best results, we recommend you publish at least one long-form copy piece every month. These have the highest chance to rank at the top of search results.

4. E-Books, Guides, Checklists Copywriting

Our copywriting services also include E-Books, Guides, Checklists Copywriting copywriting.

Compared to long-form content, E-Books, Guides, Checklists Copywriting are even more extensive. They also have the potential to generate some serious revenue, since your business can repurpose them for generating leads, earning email subscribers, and more. For example, companies often offer checklists or guides for free, in exchange for a user’s email address.

With this copywriting service, you can reach out to potential customers and offer them something of high value.  This could be a checklist or guide that answers their questions, resolves their problems, and connects them with the product or service they need.

Does any other service include copywriting?

The digital marketing industry is worth almost $120 billion, this means that it’s not surprising that businesses are adopting multiple digital marketing strategies. Many businesses will invest in not only their website but their social media and digital advertising campaigns too.

This is why we include our copywriting services at no cost with several of our digital marketing services. For example, we can produce content for your social media accounts, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and more.

Learn more about the four digital marketing services that include our copywriting services:

1) PPC advertising

When you invest in our PPC services, we include copywriting for your advertising campaign. 

This style of copy features old-school business copy. In terms of our copywriting services, it’s the meat and potatoes of marketing. Lots of “ROI’s,” “maximizing,” and “ensuring.”


Well, when you look up  PPC, you’re probably in a “money” mindset. PPC is a budget-centric service: you pay, get traffic, convert it, and get your investment back. The best way to discuss all of that is with straightforward business language.

Our ability to produce PPC copy also demonstrates how our copywriting services can adapt to your preferred brand voice and tone. If you’re looking for cut-and-dry, no-nonsense advertising copy then we can do the copywriting research and development to hit that nail right on the head.

We want to impact your bottom line — that’s how we know if we have succeeded or failed.

This is why our expert copywriting team can adapt to your preferred tone and brand voice with ease. Whether you’re looking for a chill voice for your blog or a serious tone for your service pages, we will exceed your expectations.

2) Social media copywriting

Our social media marketing & advertising services also include copywriting.

Compared to your website and advertising copy, your social media will have a less formal tone. Check out our social media pages. They’re more casual and laidback because that goes well with the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram tone, which is casual, social content.

Social media is more about content than numbers and more about building your audience than converting a sale, so it has a lower emphasis on ROI. This is why our copywriting for social media focuses more on brief and creative posts that will engage your audience. 

On social media, you should expect a fun, light-hearted, and casual tone. We will create posts that have the most impact on your target audience by conducting in-depth research on your target audience and their social media preferences and interests.

3) Email marketing copywriting

When you work with Strise for your email marketing campaigns, our awesome copywriting team will make developing, writing, and sending emails simple. Not only does email marketing have a crazy ROI of $44 for every $1 but it also helps your company generate and nurture leads down your funnel.

Copywriting services for email marketing mean we write copy tailored towards your target audience. We focus on developing content that appeals to your subscribers, and their position in your buying funnel. This approach helps us nurture and convert high-value leads for your business, generating additional revenue.

We also feature proprietary email marketing software, SMCloud, to make managing, sending, and monitoring your email strategy hassle-free. It also allows your company to personalize your emails, and use an ABM-style email sequence, which will lead to better open and conversion rates.


Ready for the best copywriting services for your company?

In today’s competitive online market, your business demands a website with A+ copy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a website copy for your services page or a blog article. 

Partner with Strise today and improve your website rankings but also generate more leads and increase your revenue!

Our pricing for Copywriting Services

We understand that every business is unique, this is why we offer custom copywriting services. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to market your business to sell a product or service, we can build a custom marketing strategy that will be tailored to your business. 

Learn more about our copywriting services below, we include costs and what comes with each package.

Website Pages Copywriting Services

Let’s convert your website into a go-to resource for your target audience. We will turn your business into an industry expert, with our Website Pages copywriting services. This package focuses on producing original industry-specific articles and blog posts for your website. We optimize your content not only for readers but also for search engines, this allows us to generate maximum results.


$ 150 Page
  • Up to 500 Words
  • SEO Optimization
  • Industry Research
  • Duplicated Content Analysis


$ 225 Page
  • Up to 1500 Words
  • Page Implementation
  • Internal Linking
  • Titles & Meta Provided

Long-Form Website Copywriting Services

Let Strise help you reach your target audience, and improve your online visibility, with our long-form copywriting services. This service focuses on researching, creating, and promoting long-form content. Long-form content can range from 2100 to 5300 words. Long-form content is an amazing tool for reaching and converting your target audience into paying customers.


$ 450 Page
  • Up To 1000 Words
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Professional Editing


$ 625 Page
  • Up To 2000 Words
  • Topic Research
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Up to 4 Graphics


$ 800 Page
  • Up To 3000 Words
  • Up to 8 Graphics
  • 2 Hours Organic Promotion
  • Website Implementation

E-books & Lead Generation Copywriting Services

Let us help support your digital marketing strategy, and accelerate your lead generation efforts, with our E-book & Lead Generation copywriting services. This service focuses on producing and promoting guides, checklists, white papers, E-books, and more which your company can use to generate and nurture leads, such as by offering checklists as an email sign-up incentive.


$ 2,500 Guide
  • Up To 6000 Words
  • Detailed Outline
  • Professional Research, Writing, & Editing
  • SEO Optimized


$ 3,200 Guide
  • Up To 8500 Words
  • Keyword Research & Incorporation
  • Creation of Lead Generation Form
  • 15 Custom Graphics

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