Legal Digital Marketing Services

We can build and customize a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to help your legal firm achieve its goals. We offer multiple services that will grow your firm into a top-performing practice.

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Strise's Digital Marketing Services for Legal Firms Companies

Digital Marketing Consulting Services for Injury Attorney, Malpractice, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Criminal, Family, Corporate, and other practices.

Social Media Marketing

We have end-to-end social media marketing, including advertising & reputation management. Our firm will help you attract more leads that turn into cases using a strong presence on social media through informative content, daily engagement, paid ads, and follower interaction.

PPC & Google Ads

Pay-per-click ads are one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing for law firms. These ads highlight your practice’s benefits, the services you offer your clients, and your office contact information for potential clients searching on Google for someone to take their case and represent them.

Email Marketing

Keep your clients informed and continue to nurture leads into conversions through email marketing. When dealing with legal situations, it is best to use a personalized approach, exactly what email marketing offers your practice. We help make your law firm stay in the minds of your clients.

Content Marketing

Our content creation services will help you produce quality content that informs clients about your services, attorneys, pricing, awards, success stories, and practice history. Content marketing enables you to demonstrate the knowledge and experience your practice has, making potential clients feel more secure in their decision to choose you to handle their legal troubles.

Website Design

Stand out from your competitors with a modern website design. 90% of the time, your website is the first level of interaction you have with a potential client. Start building their trust with a professionally designed website that offers ease of navigation and simple contact methods. The easier it is to work with professionals, the more likely people will trust your practice to take on their cases and represent them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When people need a lawyer, the first place they turn to look is Google. Rank at the top of search engines when users search for local law firms, attorneys, or legal practices near them that will best fit their needs. Be the first business to offer a solution to their problem and claim the client from your competition. Our SEO services help generate more quality traffic that drives leads and clients.

We Know Legal Marketing

The truth is, lawyers are extremely busy, which makes finding time for marketing extremely difficult.

We allow you to spend more time in the courtroom winning cases than searching for leads and clients. While you’re in court, we are bringing you more quality leads and cases. Investing in online marketing for law firms pays for itself just in the time it saves you from devoting to your cases.

In addition to saving time, the most valuable asset at your firm, you will also experience the following benefits upon implementing a digital marketing strategy at your practice:

  1. New, quality leads
  2. Increase in website traffic
  3. A lot more referrals
  4. Greater credibility for your firm
  5. Improved client interaction and engagement
  6. Lifted brand reputation


Our digital marketing strategies are overly aggressive to get your legal practice the results you deserve while pushing competitors to the side. Through various digital marketing efforts, your firm will be established as an authority in your community to both consumers and other legal offices.

Our Proven Methods for Law Firms

We care about your success – which is why we factor these strategies into your digital marketing campaign.



When customers look for an lawyer they want one they can trust. We make our marketing efforts personal to build that trust.


Knowledge is Power

Providing customers with as many legal tips and tricks as possible is key to keeping them as customers for life.


Provide Value

We keep your target audience and brand goals in mind. We’re always striving to help you make your customers happy.

How We Deliver Success

Consumers and your customers want convenience when it comes to their legal representation. They want the ability to talk with someone online, view videos on faq, see testimonials, book appointments, and share informational content with their peers. They want all of this with a simple click of a button or tap of a finger. Luckily our digital marketing services can help you provide all of this to your fans and more.

Legal Marketing Is On The Rise In 2021-2025

What’s your goal for 2022?

Do you want more clients?

Do you want more cases that you are passionate about?

Do you want to bring in some more lawyers?

Whatever your new year’s goals are, our digital marketing methods will provide an excellent investment return. You will see your costs decrease, and your leads increase while you concentrate on doing what you love without searching for clients.

These benefits will allow you to use your time and money to improve and provide an excellent service to your clients.

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How Strise Uses Our SEO Services To Generate Revenue

Be on top of the marketing game when you work with us—your operating in a niche industry that requires attention to detail. 

We build a custom marketing strategy for your brand, not a blanket method like other companies. We’re talking about professional highlights, not some overall box color. We’ve had dozens of legal clients see tremendous success after they started working with us. 

We’ll help you determine the best digital marketing path for your firm or brand and work with you to surpass your goals.

Increase In Appointments And An Increase In Revenue

Fill your appointment books and win more cases when you advertise your services online with us.

Increase In Brand Awareness

Build your brand name and reach more people through digital marketing. You will drive a ton of traffic to your website, social media channels, and through your doors when utilizing the opportunities offered to you through digital marketing. Due to recent industry trends, people are 250% more likely to be influenced by blogs, videos, or social sites. Make your brand known and capture your target audience’s attention.

Increase In Referrals

Your business relies on referrals as a part of your marketing. Digital marketing will skyrocket your referrals. Most people place the same trust and credibility level in an online review as they do a personal referral from a friend or family member. Boost your reviews and referrals to thousands through digital marketing.

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