Medical & Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

The medical & healthcare industry is continuously changing and growing, especially how your patients are selecting where to go.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you have to modify and evaluate your current digital marketing strategy. This starts with what you post on your social media channels to convert leads to customers from your digital ads.

Disability and healthcare

Strise's Digital Marketing Services for Medical & Healthcare Companies

Digital Marketing Consulting Services for Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Dentists, Plastic Surgeons, Orthodontists, Optometrists, and all other medical or healthcare professionals.

Social Media Marketing

Our Social media marketing services are full service and include reputation management. We will help you attract more patients to walk through your doors. Our methods include informative content, daily engagement, and follower interaction. With social media ads, you can promote free consultations, discounts, portals, and services while gaining patient leads and conversions.

PPC & Google Ads

Pay-per-click ads highlight the benefits of your practice, services, and office information for patients searching for your services on Google. Once they have visited your site, we also retarget patients with crisp, clean, & visually pleasing digital ads representing your facility. These efforts capture patients that you might have otherwise lost without a reminder of your facility.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a highly effective service with our healthcare clients. Easily keep your patients informed through a personalized focus about the latest happenings in your office, available vaccinations, new services or products you offer, and the breakthroughs in research. You can also schedule appointment reminders for patients and other healthcare vendors to ensure timely interaction and a positive healthcare experience.

Content Marketing

We produce quality content that informs patients about your services, doctors, illness, remedies, medications, and more to help them feel more secure about their health and demonstrate the knowledge your practice has.

Website Design

Your website is often the first level of interaction you have with a patient. Build their trust with a clean and professional design that offers ease of navigation and simple contact methods. The easier it is to work with professionals, the more likely people will trust your facility with their health.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rank in the top 10 search engines when patients look for healthcare locations, doctors, or practices for their needs. Be the first business to comfort them when they need it most. Make the process simple from start to finish by being right in front of their eyes on the screen within seconds when they search.

We Know Medical & Healthcare Marketing

Medical & Healthcare is traditionally an in-person one-on-one practice, but your digital marketing doesn’t have to be traditional. It shouldn’t be. Over 80% of consumers searching for healthcare-related topics begin their search online or through social media. If they are not searching online, they rely on word-of-mouth and recommendations from others, which can be found in online reviews or enhanced via social media.

Patients are gravitating toward being more in control of their health than letting healthcare facilities do this for them. Being a medical & healthcare provider is more about working together with a patient than working for a patient. Stay involved and show your business cares with the help of a digital marketing agency like us. Keep the dialogue alive with patients in and outside the office.

Our Proven Methods for Medical & Healthcare

We care about your success – which is why we factor these strategies into your digital marketing campaign.



When customers look for a new doctor, vet, chiropractor, plastic surgeon, weight loss clinic, or dentist they want one they can trust. We make our marketing efforts personal to build that trust.


Knowledge is Power

Providing customers with as many healthcare hacks as possible is key to keeping them as customers for life.


Provide Value

We keep your target audience and brand goals in mind. We’re always striving to help you make your customers happy.

How We Deliver Success

Choosing to utilize digital marketing for your facility, service, or product is the most cost-effective way to grow your medical & healthcare brand. Position yourself as a leader in your community by establishing and increasing your competitive advantage against other practices through digital marketing strategies. The success and growth of your practice rely on patients, both current and future. To guarantee that you’ll continue moving forward, you need to increase your digital footprint.

Medical & Healthcare Marketing Is On The Rise In 2021-2025

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing for your practice accurately provides a return on investment. You will see your costs decrease and client quality increase as leads and patients rise. These two benefits alone allow your facility to allocate funds to other areas you want to improve and provide better services to your patients.

All of our digital marketing services adopt a patient-centered strategy to help your practice succeed. Whether you have one location or many locations, we specialize in helping hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent care facilities, pediatric care facilities, and more through our various healthcare digital marketing services.

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Whatever your goals are, we will create a digital marketing strategy that will is tailored to your practice. We will take the time to find out what you want to achieve and in what timeframe. We will build out a plan to help you achieve those goals and present you with a beautiful dashboard at the end of every month.

We know that you are very busy and want to concentrate on what you love without the hassle of getting new patients. By working with us to handle all of your marketing, you can enjoy the benefits without the headache and stress that comes with it.

How Strise Uses Our SEO Services To Generate Revenue

Be on top of the marketing game when you work with us—your operating in a niche industry that requires attention to detail. 

We build a custom marketing strategy for your brand, not a blanket method like other companies. We’re talking about professional highlights, not some overall box color. We’ve had dozens of medical & healthcare clients see tremendous success after they started working with us. 

We’ll help you determine the best digital marketing path for your practice or brand and work with you to surpass your goals.

Increase In Appointments And An Increase In Revenue

Fill your appointment books and get more patients when you advertise your products and services online with us.

Increase In Brand Awareness

Build your brand name and reach more people through digital marketing. You will drive a ton of traffic to your website, social media channels, and through your doors when utilizing the opportunities offered to you through digital marketing. Due to recent industry trends, people are 250% more likely to be influenced by blogs, videos, or social sites. Make your brand known and capture your target audience’s attention.

Increase In Referrals

Your business relies on referrals as a part of your marketing. Digital marketing will skyrocket your referrals. Most people place the same trust and credibility level in an online review as they do a personal referral from a friend or family member. Boost your reviews and referrals to thousands through digital marketing.

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