Strise’s Website & Campaign Call Tracking

Tracking phone calls is one of the hardest and most important parts of a digital marketing campaign. Here at Strise, we’ve come up with an affordable, easy-to-use call tracking system that ensures you always know exactly where your leads are coming from and what they are doing.

Online Call Tracking that actually works

Does the success of your business mostly rely on lead generation from phone calls? Have you been searching for a way to track where these calls are coming from? With SMClouds Call Tracking ability, you can and as a result, you can make more informed marketing decisions. Our online call tracking services include:

Online Call Tracking Software that you can rely on!

Online call tracking is software that allows you to track where your phone calls are coming from. By using different phone numbers that are tagged in our online call tracking software, you can designate particular sources to each phone number. This allows you to indicate whether a customer called you from a billboard they saw or if they came to your website from a certain spot.

Here at Strise, we provide web-based solutions for tracking online and offline phone calls to your business. Because most businesses have several phone numbers or route calls to more than one phone extension, being able to accurately determine the number of calls generated by a website is almost impossible. That is until we created the solution. 

With our proprietary online call tracking system, we give you the ability to track the sources of your phone calls, no matter where their final destination may lie. Our online call tracking software gives you the accurate information you need to focus on specific sales leads that create results for your business.

SMCloud’s online call tracking software integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics to provide you with real, actionable data alongside the data you monitor on a regular basis. In addition to harnessing the power of Google Analytics, this call tracking solution is integrated into SMCloud, our marketing automation suite that provides insights into visitor behavior throughout the entire marketing funnel. Clients can access call tracking data in SMCloud through our web-based interface.

Online Call Tracking that actually works

Online call tracking software is created with the capabilities to drive your business’s growth. It doesn’t matter if you use our online call tracking software as a service call tracking software for already established leads or web leads for new potential clients, it will help you succeed. 

But you might be asking how it works, Well let’s break down Offline Call tracking, Organic Call Tracking, and Paid Call tracking.

Offline Call Tracking

Add Offline Call tracking number to a mailer, billboard, or other offline media source → A visitor calls that offline call tracking number which forwards the call to your business → Phone call gets recorded, and google analytics tags the channel as an offline source for review.

Organic Call Tracking

Visitors reach your website from organic search results → Your phone number on your website switches dynamically to your organic call tracking number which will forward the call to your business → The phone call gets recorded and Google Analytics and tagged the channel for Organic traffic.

Paid Call Tracking

Visitors reach your website from a paid advertisement → The phone number on your website switches dynamically to a Paid call tracking number that forwards the call to your business →The phone call gets recorded and Google Analytics tags the channel as paid traffic.

Is tracking online phone calls actually needed?

If you’re looking into online call tracking software, you’ve probably found that your business visitors prefer to call you rather than fill out an online form. This is a great sign for both leads and the effectiveness of call tracking services since the people who choose to pick up the phone normally are a higher quality of leads and are more likely to become a customer. As a result, if you’re not utilizing online call tracking tools, you are underestimating the conversion rate and effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.


Our proprietary online call tracking software, allows us to track phone calls as effectively as online conversions. Tracking online calls is our software’s ultimate goal, and our call tracking service can accurately gauge and report on every customer inquiry. Also, with our website call tracking service, you can set up multiple phone numbers to track calls on all marketing materials.

Online call tracking that will help your marketing get ahead

As Strise’s proprietary online call tracking software, SMCloud is a tool that gauges the number of leads a particular website generates. It enables Strise to track the number of phone calls originating from visitors viewing a website or a particular component of a website, such as a form or landing page.

SMCloud’s online call tracking is especially valuable to service-based businesses, where website visitors are more likely to call the company rather than place an online order or complete a “contact us” form.

With the implementation of online call tracking services, we are able to report the true ROI and make more informed decisions on future changes to your website and digital marketing strategy. While other digital marketing firms determine client website strategies based on partial data, Strise can see the whole picture, which is why we continue to provide superior results for our clients.

Make more informed decisions with Online call tracking software

SMCloud’s online call tracking software can track exactly where your customers are calling you from. When you know where your customers found you and decided to finally pick up the phone, you are provided key insight into the thought process and behaviors of your target customer.

So if you’re wondering if your customers found you via organic or direct traffic? What about which search engine they used? Perhaps you’re running a PPC campaign, social media campaign, and email marketing campaign all at the same time and you need to know which is delivering the best results.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to wonder anymore or merely speculate which campaign is bringing you maximum ROI. By tracking each of these sources and more with online call tracking, you can make the best decision for the future marketing efforts of your company so you can invest your marketing dollars where they will have the most impact.

How Online Call Tracking reporting helps your business

All incoming calls are still routed to your mainline, but different phone numbers allow our software to determine exactly how each caller came to your website. We do this by logging each phone call within your website’s analytics reports.

Strise combines data from online call tracking with your website analytics, ensuring completely accurate conversion reporting. Our online call tracking service is fully compatible with Google Analytics, and a ton of other website analytics products. In addition to tracking the number and source of phone conversions, our website call tracking technology can be configured to provide geographical data regarding the individuals who called after viewing your website.

Our clients that have successfully implemented online call tracking data have reduced the number of unanswered phone calls, accurately determine ROI, cut PPC costs, and plan employee availability around optimal call times. Other online call tracking companies can’t even come close to providing these kinds of results.

Is online call tracking worth it?

The short answer is yes.

Online call tracking software is one of the most helpful changes you can make to your business. It records every word that your leads say to you over the phone so you have records of who they are and what they need from your business. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can increase your customer conversion rate in no time by approaching each lead uniquely.

But is this information worth the cost?

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The short answer is yes. The reason is that whatever online call-tracking plan you choose, you’ll be able to make that money back and make much more by generating a positive ROI. And if there’s a way you can get more customers while generating a positive ROI, you know for sure it’s a good choice for your business.

You are still responsible for closing the deals you get from digital lead generation strategies, but it’s much easier to do that when you have all of the information you could want. After all, each lead is unique, so they require a unique approach to turn them into paying customers. With online call tracking software, you have everything you need to take that unique approach and create as many new customers as you want for your company.

Our pricing for Online Call Tracking


$ 150 Monthly
  • 2 Unique Phone Numbers
  • 300 Monthly Calls
  • Integrated With Google Analytics
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Caller Data Enrichment


$ 250 Monthly
  • 4 Unique Phone Numbers
  • 500 Monthly Calls
  • Call Recordings
  • Email Call Notifications
  • Ability to Block & Filter Callers


$ 350 Monthly
  • 8 Unique Phone Numbers
  • 1000 Monthly Calls
  • Setup Unique Number on PPC Campaigns
  • Setup Unique Number on Email Campaigns
  • Setup Unique Number On Social Campaigns

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