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The use of professional videos is compelling, relevant, and effective at building trust with your visitors. Here at Strise, we understand the impact a single, well-shot video can have on your bottom line. We offer our pricing upfront so you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Contact us today to get a proposal!

Online Video Creation Services

Strise takes pride in providing customers with content that is compelling, relevant, and effective. And the best way to do this is through the integration of videos throughout your digital strategy.

Everyone understands that products are more likely to sell when there’s video content backing them. In fact, over  73 percent of visitors who watch product videos will buy the same day. Another crazy statistic is that companies that have videos are viewed as more trustworthy by their customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to show off your company to customers in a way that will have them remembering you. 

Are you ready to get a kick-ass video for your website or social media? Contact us online to chat with a video expert from our marketing team about creating videos that speak to your brand and will attract more customers to your business.

Social Media & Engagement videos

The truth with user engagement is the longer users stay on your site or your social media profile, the better. Google sees this as a positive signal when users stay on your website, or more specifically, on a page, for a long period of time. This lets Google know that you have beneficial, informative information that users are interested in.

On the flip side, if you have tons of text on your website pages, your visitors likely won’t stay engaged for long. This is why user engagement videos are so critical.

User engagement videos from Strise will allow you to keep your audience engaged with your website’s content better than you can with text alone. Not only do videos keep users on your pages, but they also add an exciting video element that users will have a hard time passing up. This means they are more likely to share your content on social media and in turn driving more website traffic. 

You can have engagement videos for any of the following.

We can help you create any of the engagement videos above, and all the ones, not mentioned.

Animated Explainer Videos

When you have animated explainer videos, you’ll get a number of benefits for your website and brand. When you choose Strise for your animated explainer videos, you’ll now have the ability to:

Animated explainer videos will help keep site visitors engaged, but they will also boost website conversions since they show your audience your product instead of just telling them about it. You gain the ability to explain how your product is used, the materials it’s made of, and even show how to use it. 

Even better is that every industry can benefit from animated explainer videos including:

We know you’ll love our explainer videos, and so will the people who are visiting your website.

Product Videos

Do you have a one-of-a-kind product that you want to show off? Then our product videos are the answer.

When you work with Strise, we create product videos that catch your user’s attention, and encourages them to learn more about your unique products, and eventually, purchase them.

As the owner of an e-commerce or online store, you can rest assured that the following online marketplaces support, and encourage, product videos.

Still on the fence? Using one of our product videos will offer a variety of benefits including:

Sometimes having just a product description isn’t enough, and to buy, users want to see all the features and quirks your product has to offer. That’s where product videos come in.

We know your customers are going to love these videos!

Why is Video Marketing so important?

The use of video marketing offers a lot of benefits for your business. 

It doesn’t matter If you’re looking to boost engagement or interactivity on your website, the use of video marketing can help.

More User Interaction

Research shows that customers are 10 times more likely to interact with videos than blocks of text on your website.

By adding videos to your website will encourage people to spend more time interacting with your content. The more time they spend on your site, the more they are going to learn about your business, this means they will be more likely to contact you in order to find out more about your products or services.

More Time on Site

When your visitors spend more time on your website, it signals to search engines that you are providing valuable information which means they will rank your site higher in search results.

In addition to engaging your visitors, adding custom videos to your site will make it 53 times more likely that your website will rank on the first page of Google results.

More Conversions

Video has a huge impact on your conversions too. This includes videos on landing pages, it can boost your conversion rates by up to 80 percent.

If your landing page typically converts 30 customers each month, adding a video to the page can almost double your conversions, earning you 20 additional conversions.

Why choose our Video Creation Service?

Strise understands the value of a great video.

When we offer our clients the option to incorporate videos into their website content, we are providing a competitive edge for clients who want to keep up with the demands of their industry.

So, if you want to stand out from the noise and clutter users see all over the web on a regular basis, then consider using unique and engaging video content. In this constantly evolving digital world, staying ahead of the competition is critical in setting your business apart and attracting new customers. Even better this unique content translates to search engines trusting your website.

Having website videos are an essential inbound marketing requirement. They transform your website into an interactive and entertaining alternative to the standard website with a lot of text.

When you integrate the use of content, particularly videos, on your website, you now have the ability to communicate your message on multiple levels using visual imagery, voice, music, and text.

Our clients see the benefits of our videos in the form of increased sales, reduced customer service expenses, and increased call-to-action ratios. Our videos enhance your website, engage your visitors, lead to higher interest, and more conversions.

Using videos on social media

Videos on social media is one of the best ways to engage with your audience. You can post videos that talk more about your products, services, and business, but you can also create video ads that help sell your products.

There are several things you can accomplish with a social media video:

Social media is ever changing and becomes more complex every day, and it can be difficult to navigate. Strise will help you grow your business by determining exactly how to market video content on your social media platforms.

Think about this, social media posts with video content increase views by 48 percent. This is margin that your business may be missing out on if you don’t currently add videos to your social posts. Let us help you take advantage of this opportunity by integrating videos into your social outreach accounts in all the right ways.

We offer square video advertisements (1:1 aspect ratio), which have shown to be more effective than landscape video ads. Square videos have been proven to result in 2X the views and 3X the shares as landscape videos.

Choose Strise for your video creation needs

On top of creating quality videos, our video creation services are designed to be affordable enough to fit your budget. We’re all about providing our clients with the best experience for their money and we bring that mentality to all of our video creation services.

Our video production services include professional and creative script writing, sharp HD quality video, flawless audio, and lighting that is above reproach to provide you with an awe-inspiring video optimized for the web.

Strise understands how to effectively market your content across every platforms, including video. How else would we see increases in search engine traffic by as much as 40-500 percent in a matter of just 30 days for many of our customers? We will optimize your content in order to achieve measurable results for your business.

Our pricing for Online Video Creation

We understand that every business is unique, this is why we offer custom online video creation services. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to market your business to sell a product or service, we can build a custom marketing strategy that will be tailored to your business. 

Learn more about our online video creation services below, we include costs and what comes with each package.

Social Media Base

$ 300
  • Up to 30 Seconds
  • 1 Round of Revisions
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Social Calendar Integration
  • 75 Words Text Overlay

Social Media Premium

$ 600
  • Up to 60 Seconds
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • 150 Words Text Overlay
  • Custom Brand Colors
  • Reporting & Insights

Social Media Enterprise

$ 900
  • Up to 90 Seconds
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions
  • 200 Words Text Overlay
  • Professional Voice Over
  • Logo In Video

Animated Explainer Base

$ 1,000
  • Up to 45 Seconds
  • 5 Scenes
  • 120 Words
  • Professional Voice Over
  • Intergrated SEO

Animated Explainer Premium

$ 2,000
  • Up to 90 Seconds
  • 10 Scenes
  • 240 Words
  • SEO Transcription
  • Custom Character Design

Animated Explainer Enterprise

$ 3,000
  • Up to 5 Minutes
  • 20 Scenes
  • 360 Words
  • Custom Illustrated Assets
  • Social Media Promotion

Product Video Base

$ 100
  • 30 Seconds
  • 2 Features
  • Call To Action
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Formatted for Social

Product Video Premium

$ 500
  • 60 Seconds
  • 4 Features
  • Source Files
  • Optimized for E-Commerce
  • Logo In Video

Product Video Enterprise

$ 700
  • 90 Seconds
  • 6 Features
  • Custom Brands
  • Professional Voice Over
  • SEO Transcription

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