Strise's Content Strategy

Content is the essential ingredient for businesses. You need to have robust content for your website, social platforms, and overall digital presence. To drive new customers, create brand loyalty, engage the audience, and establish yourself as the market leader, you need to have a strong content strategy.

Your website should be highly SEO optimized with a ton of traffic, but your bounce rates will be high if your content is average or weak. People want to see attractive and engaging images, videos, and read content that create connection and create value.

We have some of the best experts to help businesses looking for guidance for their content and creation. We take a holistic approach to work with the clients on their digital content by initiating diagnostics into the client’s goals to see the content’s alignment. Our diagnostics contains research that includes content auditing, persona research, user journey analysis, content gap analysis, and competitor research.

After research and auditing, we plan and map up the content to the user journey, SEO strategy, editorial planning, social media strategy, and user experience. When the planning phase is complete, we create content, content management schedules, distribution, promotional plans, analysis, and optimization.

Creating A Comprehensive Content Strategy

Our content strategy is focused on creating meaningful, cohesive, engaging, and sustainable content. It helps identify what content already exists, what content needed to be made, and why content should be created?

We focus on what content is needed to be successfully executed as our core strategy. It includes characteristics such as messaging architecture, target audience, voice, and tone of the content. The content should be prioritized, organized, and accessed. The content should also include message mapping, bridging, and creating page tables.

Then we focus on how people are managing and maintaining content regularly, including their role and task for the entire content lifecycle. We also focus on the company’s policies, standards, guidelines that apply to the content, and the evolution and sustaining element in its content strategy.

The Lifecycle of The Content

The company needs to produce appealing, compelling, and sustainable content for its targeted audience. The content life cycle plays a vital role in keeping the target audience engaged.

  • We take the stakeholder’s interview to know and study their requirements, do a competitive analysis of the industry, understand objective parameters, and evaluate the content environment such as website, content partners, and parent websites.
  • The other strategy involves determining the topical ownership areas, taxonomy, and workflow for content creation and plans to source for the content.
  • We also recommend staffing, creating a content management system, customization, metadata plans, communication, and migration plans.
  • While creating content, we also create a governance model, search engine optimization tools, and ensure the content passes through the quality checks to assure its quality.
  • We advise our clients to have periodic auditing and assessment of the content by determining targets and scalable success.

The benefits of our content strategy reflect the company’s vision, understand the thought process of the target audience, and communicate in an understandable way for the target audience.