Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics & Insights, How Do We Do It?

  • We use customer data and marketing analytics to develop and retain our customers for more profitability and drive the necessary changes.
  • Our tools track consumer buying decisions’ activities and bring transparency to return on investment (ROI).
  • Our methods, innovative research, analytic solutions, and economic indicators for complex scenario analysis help our clients in pricing, promotion to optimize return on sales.

Client's Benefits

  • Consumer insights lead growth by gathering consumer, buyer, and market insights and integrating these data insights with our methods, facts, insights, and cutting-edge analytics. These insights help our clients to know their customers.
  • These insights help our clients to develop effective strategies based on consumer buying behavior.
  • Our marketing strategies help entirely our clients in the broad spectrum of making tactical and strategic decisions for growth and return on investment (ROI) that further improvise to create personalized marketing messages.
  • The analytical gathered data from multiple sources are integrated to help clients to discover commercial improvement opportunities at all levels.

Strise Marketing Analytics & Insights

We translate data and consumer insights into vital initiatives to drive them more than our clients’ market growth. Our marketing analytics and insights services include analytics experts and professionals who are focused on helping out clients.

To understand the customers deeply, we use a range of qualitative and quantitative marketing research approaches with other analytical techniques that are innovative and practical.

Consumer Insights

The consumers’ insights play a vital role and help companies spark innovation, reveal the promising factors of growth, and assist in developing and maintaining successful products and brands. Our quantitative and qualitative marketing research methods, tools, and techniques help companies understand consumers’ buying behavior and purchasing decisions.

These tools and methods also let companies understand their customer’s experiences. They further go deeply to understand and take initiatives to create custom branding and loyalty. These consumer insights help our clients develop innovative and differentiated marketing strategies, including value prepositions, segmentation, target areas, the branding process, designing products, pricing, and consumer experience.


Strise marketing analytics upsurges the data’s potential and translates insights and turn analytics into an action-based strategy from a marketing perspective and consumer perspectives. Our professional team of analytics experts dig deep and provide expertise from data attainment to analysis.

Our Services

The services of marketing analytics and consumer insights are meant to develop competencies that disclose and maximize the profitable use of data applicable to their situation. Strategies for our clients are:

We discover relevant internal and external data and analyze it to help our clients by updating their IT necessary infrastructure. Our primary focus is on the speedy deliverance of consumer insights.

The insights that we collect for our clients are processed to develop internal processes, incentives, and culture that are effectively used for profitable decision making. Optimization models and predictions are built to balance the complexity with simple to use graphs, dashboards, and reports.

Our main objectives are to develop simple tools to extract meaningful insights from complex data. These tools help our clients to achieve short-term and long-term growth.