Marketing Audit

Marketing Assessment (Audit)

Our marketing assessment (audit) is an all-inclusive and systematic analysis of a company’s business marketing environment internally and externally. We assess the client’s goals, objectives, strategies, and culture to identify problems and opportunities and suggest strategic actions for your business’s success.

We offer a range of audit and assessment services to cover the entire client’s marketing structure. It is the most effective tool that marketing specialists use to thoroughly understand the current market system, formulate a marketing strategy, and resolve underlying issues revealed at the time of the auditing process.

Marketing audits help the client to get an in-depth look into the operational structure of the marketing. It helps them evaluate performance, budget, and resources available to make a significant decision based on the facts, analysis, and data.

Marketing Assessment (Audit) Services

  • Our services are comprehensive and result-oriented based. We take significant steps to get an in-depth assessment of marketing.
  • We detail the marketing goals and objectives to see if they are comprehensive and smart. Make sure to create short-term and long-term goals.
  • We create customer personas that define the job titles, industry, location, customer business size, and demographics.
  • Identify the industry’s competition, such as company name, website, headquarter location, and many more.
  • We detail the client’s products and services and all its features such as benefits, pricing, sizing, and distribution method and compare it to the competitor’s products and services to detail strengths and weaknesses.
  • We compile details of brand and marketing collaterals by mapping the client’s website.
  • We create a detail including asset name, category, URL, buyer’s persona, broken links, 404 errors, and many more.
  • It also includes content duplication, traffic by channel, click-through rate, page views, network shares, content length, metadata, organic positioning, page speed, and bounce rate.
  • We analyze all the given data and draw a conclusion. Based on that, we generate a report and recommend steps to be taken in a scalable manner.

We analyze the organic and exposure by the client’s website, social media accounts, and digital advertising campaigns through our audit and assessments. It includes SEO / SEM, email marketing, and media advertisement.


We create checks for operational management and integration of the digital assets across the digital spectrum and conclude how visitors are moving error-free.

Our assessment and audit experts examine how effectively and efficiently; client’s digital assets are cross-linked, social media integration, and websites and traditional broadcasts.

We identify the audience and develop characters by determining their needs and creating content that resonates through our assessments.

We administer a detailed assessment to determine the effectiveness and efficiencies of digital assets that convert and trigger visitors.

We assess the client’s digital assets against already defined objectives and point out vital matrixes or key performance indicators (KPIs) that calculate the performance’s accuracy.

Strise Marketing Assessment (Audit) Components

Our client needs to understand the strengths of the existing marketing assessment and our service’s initiatives. It permits experts to analyze the digital landscape through comprehensive assessment, customized reporting developed to help our clients use systematic methods to achieve goals effectively.