Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan Creation

When we create a marketing plan for our clients they need to understand its importance for their business growth as it is the outline of the whole marketing strategy for the specified period.

Our marketing plan emphasizes the overview of the business marketing and advertising goals, market positioning details of the business, the timeline is settled for the completion of the tasks, tracking of the key performing indicators (KPIs), and identifying the target market the business and customer needs.

While developing marketing plans for clients, we focus on target customers, unique selling propositions, pricing strategies, distribution strategies, and unique offering strategies. It also focuses on printed materials, advertising and promotion, social media strategy, referral strategy, customer retention strategy, and yearly financial, budgetary projections.

For creating a marketing plan, several aspects we deeply look into.

Steps To Create A Strise Marketing Plan

Analyzing the Situation

For a strong foothold in marketing plan creation, we get a robust understand of the current situation that you are facing. Analyse SWOT analysis that concludes about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that is the first step towards creating a marketing plan.

Furthermore, our marketing plan creation services include a deep understanding of your current market and industry, your competitors, and the competitors’ analyses. It also includes finding the gaps between product comparisons.

Target Audience Understanding

After analyzing the situation, we define the target audience by getting a grip on the market and conduct market research to create a customer’s profile that includes demographic information like age, gender, and income. We have a psychological understanding of the customer, like what motivates the customer to buy your products or services and what benefits the customer perceives from the product or services.

Marketing Goal

If you need to reach the destination, you need a road map. Therefore, if you want to increase your return on investment (ROI), you need to devise smart goals. These smart goals are specific, scalable, attainable, measurable, relevant, to the point, time-bound to meet deadlines, and within the budget.

Tactical Analysis

When we create your companies marketing goals, we figure out all tactical and operational actions. These actions could be selecting the right channels, sales promotional activities, and several other tactics to achieve your goals. We also realize that the tactics must be budget-friendly and must not burden the company or your staff.


Before executing your marketing plan, we get a detailed and thorough understanding of the budget availabilities. When creating marketing tactics, we obtain estimates and time bounds to complete each tactic that includes any assets and expenses.

Elements of a Strise Marketing Plan

There are several elements of the marketing plan that needs to be focused on and understood. We always focus on our client’s needs, prospects, and the necessary measure to understand the client’s benefits. Some components are vital to get a grip on, including:

When we create our marketing plans we give a full business summary. This includes company name, the leadership of marketing team, address and office locations, vision and mission statement, and SWAT analysis.

The initiatives section of the Strise marketing plan is one of the most detailed. We include a full company initiative, marketing initiatives, marketing goals, and a full end to end set of metrics, KPI’s, and SLA’s.

Building out your target market is a critical part of any marketing plan. We want to give you all data that will make advertising for your business as easy as possible. In order to do that we give you your customer persona for maximum effectiveness that includes your industry, target market, buyer personas, customer analysis, and an industry competitive analysis.

Creating an end-to-end marketing plan has several aspects, this includes a market strategy. In the market strategy, we put together a plan for your products, pricing, promotions, people, customers, and processes.

Budgeting in a marketing plan is key, this will help figure out your ROI for your campaigns, your profit & loss for marketing, along with ad estimates and budget availability.

The pulse of any marketing plan is the channels that you will be advertising on. We run all the analytics to figure out which channels will be the most important for you in order to market your products and services. These channels can include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. TikTok
  5. Twitter
  6. Google
  7. Bing
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Video Marketing
  10. and others.