Marketing Workshop

In-Person & Virtual Marketing Workshops

Strise marketing Consultants provides marketing workshops for enhancing the strategic impact on marketing campaigns. COVID 19 has disrupted the learning process’s whole structure, and In-person and virtual workshops have gained more popularity than ever before.

In-Person Marketing Workshops

Our In-person workshops are an excellent method to deliver highly interactive training to your employees, teams, and impart highly diverse concepts. Such workshops are also beneficial and foster meaningful dialogues between employees on the current scenarios, issues, and sensitive topics. We prepare and organize complete training modules and deliver the training sessions.


In-person training sessions and workshops are essential for the professional grooming and learning of industry trends and practices. This training helps them understand the needs and updated approaches required to face the market challenges and make them a valuable company capital to produce results and generate vital revenues.


The significant benefits of In-person training include;

  • Ideas are exchanged more fluidly
  • It helps to have social interaction during the training
  • Group activities and interactive projects
  • A high rate of learning retention
  • Hands-on-training for the marketing campaigns
  • Quicker response to queries
  • The participants get the satisfaction of the learning process

Virtual Marketing Workshops

Virtual workshops are live sessions and allow real-time interaction with the client’s team, including the question and answer session. We are a professional marketing service providing organization that offers virtual training and workshops to help our clients.


Our virtual training sessions are cost-effective and resourceful to reach your employees and workforce and train them by imparting industry-leading practices.


The significant benefits of virtual training include;

  • It is budget-friendly and cost-effective
  • For the current digital world and environment, bite-sized and self-paced learning is getting necessary
  • Virtual training provides complete training, and the rate of comprehensive training is high
  • Virtual training provides an increased rate of learning retention, and material can be re-accessed again

Workshop Features

Strise marketing consultants provide inspiring, deliverable, and content absorbing training sessions to clients. We offer all-round stimulating and practical experience to educate our client’s employees. It gives us opportunities to interact and disseminate the learning process. This training also helps team members know the current research outcomes.

Our training sessions are an engaging, practical, and thought-provoking process. We highly recommend our clients to avail themselves of our training sessions that could help them to focus on current situations, new learning ideas, and gain the necessary information about the industry.

Our reliable and relevant workshops let the participants learn new practices, tactics, and valuable data. This training helps participants to remove misinterpretation and miscommunications. It provokes harmful elements affecting marketing projects.

Our workshops provide information, increase the skills, and remove the decision-makers’ doubts to make decisions with confidence and revitalize the interest. These workshops help get feedback from the employees, understand the communication and learning gaps.

We encourage and promote In-Person/Virtual Workshops because these are the best source to know new ideas, new ways of thinking, create associations, and motivate participants to work harder.