SMCloud your revenue growth platform

Strise’s proprietary digital marketing platform makes it easy to track the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, provide attribution analysis, conduct industry research, calculate ROI, make strategic decisions, and generate reviews.

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Easy To Understand Lead Attribution

Confusion is the number one reason people leave websites. If your website has a difficult-to-use interface or isn’t easily accessible on mobile devices, a lot of your visitors will become frustrated and leave.

A new website can boost conversions from your qualified visitors without making any modifications to your digital marketing plans.

Strise Technology Dashboard

Track Phone calls, sources, listen to recordings & so much more!

With SMCloud, you’re given the power to track the source of your phone calls, see real-time data, view call transcriptions, and so much more. The platform integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics to provide your business with real-time data through our web-based interface or through the SMCloud platform. 

SMCloud allows businesses to more accurately track their online ROI by generating and attaching specific phone numbers to their marketing campaigns.

SMCloud has a built-in CRM

Manage your leads and analyze your customer journey with SMCloud. 

Make sure leads are being properly distributed to your sales team by connecting your CRM into SMCloud or using our built-in CRM software. Sync data across platforms, giving you accurate insights into your sales funnel.

Combined with our project management system, your leads, campaigns, marketing intelligence, and more all live on the same digital platform.

Reach Your Customers with Email Marketing Campaigns

SMCloud makes creating high-impact email marketing campaigns a breeze. Quickly set up advanced segmentation and send out campaigns engineered for success to your target verticals.

Unify all your customer data from across the SMCloud platform to level up your lead generation efforts.

Track SEO performance down to the finest of details

SMCloud provides insights and visibility into your search engine performance, allowing for analysis and future forecasting.

Track keyword rankings, usage of search engine features, and changes in your website’s overall visibility.

Save time by using SMClouds’s AI-generated recommendations to improve performance in search engines.

Reach more customers using marketing automation

Your potential customers’ purchasing decisions aren’t made instantly, especially online. There are two key features of SMCloud help deepen your brand’s relationship with potential customers.

Lead nurturing with SMCloud creates an intelligent, hands-off approach to re-engage returning visitors to your website. Using custom triggers, you can create powerful workflows designed to nurture your leads to completion without you lifting a finger.

We will create automated lead nurture email campaigns to move your customers through your sales funnel.

Online Reviews to drive more business

Smcloud’s review system is a powerful tool that maximizes the benefits of positive online reviews and can help you increase the number of high-impact testimonials from happy customers.

If you’ve ever questioned the power of online reviews, you won’t after using SMCloud.

Account-Based Marketing Automation for a personalized experience

Make a personalized user experience seamless with SMCloud. Give your potential clients and current customers what they want with a marketing experience tailored to their industry, company, location, and even previous actions on your website.

For B2B and B2C, SMCloud offers a powerful and innovative way to reach, interact, and move your target audience to conversion. IT also helps your business provide the custom and personalized experiences that people want in today’s data-driven world.

With SMCloud, you will redefine your user experience for your industry, accelerating your bottom line.

Give your visitors the power to book on your calendar directly

Connect your CRM and scheduling software to SMCloud to power dynamic appointment setting for your business. Save time for your SDRs by allowing qualified leads the option to book directly with your team.

Our pricing for SMCloud


$ 300 Monthly
  • 5,000 Marketing Contacts
  • 3 Users
  • 200k Website Visitors
  • 10 Calls per Month Tracked
  • 5 Tracking Numbers
  • 5 Reports A Month
  • Online Review Tracking


$ 450 Monthly
  • 10,000 Marketing Contacts
  • 3 Users
  • 400k Website Visitors
  • 200 Calls Per Month Tracked
  • 10 Tracking Numbers
  • 10 Reports A Month
  • Full Online Review Tracking


$ 600 Monthly
  • 20,000 Marketing Contacts
  • 3 Users
  • 600k Website Visitors
  • 300 Calls Per Month Tracked
  • 15 Tracking Numbers
  • 15 Reports A Month
  • Full Online Review Tracking for 3 Locations

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