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Strise is a Top Social Media Marketing Agency that specializes in driving impactful business growth through social media services. If you are looking to enhance your brand’s social media presence or drive targeted leads through social media advertising, our social media advertising services can help you reach your goals.

Top Of The Line Social Media Advertising Services

Social media ads have become a necessity for businesses across all industries. As digital marketing algorithms change, businesses can diversify their strategies to reach their ideal customer at the time they are looking for their services with social media ads.

Each social media platform has its own unique and special way of reaching people, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Because of this almost every industry can benefit from the use of social media ads to find, engage, inform, and convert their specific audience.

Learn how our social media advertising services can grow your online presence, increase your sales, increase your revenue, and improve your customer loyalty by contacting us today.

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We Offer Social Media Advertising on Multiple Platforms!

Facebook Advertising

Utilizing Facebook advertising you can reach more than 1 billion people, utilize the world’s biggest social media network to help you gain new customers.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising is a great way to build brand awareness and drive customer engagement by using a competitive ad campaign. Instagram gets your users to interact with your brand and purchase your products or services.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube gives you access to over a third of the internet. Use YouTube advertising with ad management services to create text and video-based ads that drive leads and revenue.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is the best social media platform for generating B2B leads. With LinkedIn ads, you can target and capture valuable leads with personalized ads for your target audience.

Social E-Commerce Advertising

Sell more items and drive more traffic to your E-commerce store with social media advertising.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest allows you to engage with a highly targeted audience. Utilizing our managed social media campaigns we generate awareness, sales, traffic, customers, and more for your business


Which Social Media Platform Should My Business Use?

The thought of social media advertising can be overwhelming at times, there are so many to choose from that it’s easy to give up before giving them a chance. This is why it’s important to choose a social media platform that will allow you to reach your target audience.

Our social media experts can help your business choose the best platforms for your business. This will help your company focus on the most useful networks and will result in a higher return on investment and generate better results.

Learn more about the different social media platforms below.

Facebook Advertising

Since its launch of ads, Facebook has dominated the social media advertising space. Facebook is the largest social media advertisement platform with over 1.8 billion active users.

Facebook is known in the digital marketing realm as the leader in social media advertising. This is because Facebook advertising works for almost every business and is the perfect place to start your social media advertising journey.

Facebook offers a ton of ways to reach your audience and gives you several options for campaign objectives. This includes awareness campaigns, engagement campaigns, traffic campaigns, conversion campaigns, purchase campaigns, and many many more.

Facebook ads give you several options when designing your social media ads. You can create an ad using photos, videos, carousels, slideshows, and the Facebook Instant Experience.

To take your ads to the next level Facebook offers a multitude of targeting options to get high-quality leads. Utilizing Facebook ads, you can target specific demographics, interests, behaviors, where people shop, where they work and live, where they travel, and so much more!

Instagram Advertising

Since 2015 when Instagram introduced its advertising platform, we have seen amazing growth with social media ads. In fact, over 500 Million people use Instagram every day!

When Facebook purchased Instagram they realized that visuals are one of, if not the most, important element of social media advertising. It doesn’t matter if you are selling the most important or best product or service in the world, and have the best customer service ever, if you have poor visuals your campaigns, especially on Instagram will suffer.

The great thing about Instagram is that Instagram ads can be in the same format as Facebook. This means you can use photos, videos, carousels, slideshows, and instant experiences to convert your viewer into a customer. Instagram also allows users to structure a campaign based on the objective of the campaign. This means that you can create your ad campaigns around if you want website clicks, conversions, sales, app installs, customer engagement, video views, and brand awareness. This allows Instagram advertisers to target their ads the same way they could on Facebook. 

The best thing about Instagram advertising is that they also have their own Instagram analytics platform, so you can see exactly how your campaign is doing.


YouTube Advertising​

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly users, this makes it one of the top places to watch videos. Because Youtube has become a place where you can learn, entertain, and search it now serves and the world’s second most visited search engine behind Google. 

Youtube is the place to go for social media advertising when it comes to video advertisements.

If you have a short video ad between 5-20 seconds you can use TruView in-stream ads. These types of ads appear right before a user watches the video they clicked on. If you have a longer video advertisement YouTube is also a great place, you can utilize TruView discover ads to make sure the right person is viewing your ads. 

If you have a short ad or a long video ad YouTube advertising is the place to be, you can target the ads to your correct audience based on demographics, interests, and keywords. 


LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is a strong social media platform for B2B. They offer three main types of ads depending on what your overall goal is. These ads are:

Sponsored Content – This type of ad places content in the feed for LinkedIn. 

Sponsored InMail – This type of ad sends content directly to your user’s inbox on LinkedIn. 

Text Ads – These are placed in various locations on LinkedIn’s desktop feed.

LinkedIn’s targeting is great because you can target employees and businesses directly. This gives you access to industry, position, seniority, company size, location, age, and other demographics to hit your target audience.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest reaches over 450 million users every month, this gives businesses like yours a huge advantage to putting content right in front of your target audience. 

Pinterest advertising allows you to run campaigns off of an objective, these objectives include awareness, engagement, traffic, app downloads, and video awareness. On top of the objectives, Pinterest offers other ways to target your audience. The great thing is that you can target your audiences based on interests and keywords. When you target by interests, pins will show in the user’s home and category feeds based on what they looked for previously.

Advertisers can choose from a variety of interests, categories, and segments. When you target by keywords you can select phrases and words that are similar to what the user would be searching for. This will place a pin in your target audience’s search results. When advertising on Pinterest you want to include both keywords and interests in the campaign to reach people in multiple places. 

The great thing about advertising on Pinterest is that you can do custom engagement or email list targeting along with demographic information. The downfall is that location targeting and a few others are limited compared to platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

Why Should I Use A Social Media Advertising Agency?

This is the biggest question we get asked here at Strise, why should we use an agency? 

The truth is quite simple, if you were to hire someone in-house it comes with all of its own challenges.

First, you would have to create the job description and go through the hiring process, hoping you are asking the right questions and getting the right responses. Then you would have to add this person to your payroll and pay them for their social media advertising services. Since social media advertising requires the employee to create the copy, graphics, videos, optimizing the campaigns, optimizing the content, monitoring, and adjusting, and report, this a lot of the time can be overwhelming for just one person.

The other challenge for this role is education and technology, with social media changing every day this person must stay up to date with the latest tools, trends, and advertising policies to make sure your campaigns will run effectively and produce results.  Here at Strise, we are dedicated to staying on top of the social media trends and policies that will lead to a successful campaign. 

When you are deciding to bring someone on for your social media expert, you have to consider your budget, whether or not you have the resources to teach them how to do the job correctly, and how fast you want to see an ROI. If you need someone to come in right away and produce results with your social media advertising campaign, then going with a social media advertising agency will be your best option. This is because social media agencies like Strise know exactly what they are doing and can produce the results you are looking for with their vast experience and knowledge. This will save you a lot of trouble of hiring someone to your team and having to train them, pay benefits, and risk not producing the results you were looking for. 

When choosing an agency to handle your social media advertising it’s important to have options that can be tailored to your needs. Here at Strise, we have several options, proven results, and experts that can help you determine the best strategy for your budget as well as produce the best results. 

When choosing an agency, make sure they will provide detailed reporting and communication about the results of your campaigns. We provide extensive social media advertising reporting and performing updates on a weekly and monthly basis.

Any social media advertising agency should be able to tell you how many people saw your campaign, what actions they took on your campaign, and how they will utilize targeting to get your ads in front of the people who will most likely purchase after seeing the campaign.

Why Should I Use A Social Media Advertising Agency?

Confirm they have the services you are looking for

As a small business you have to make an impact with social media advertising, this means it’s important to find an agency that will provide the services you need.

For example, if you want someone to run advertising for you, make sure that the agency you are considering offers that as a service.

Make Sure Their Pricing Is Transparent

Some of the best social media advertising agencies publish their pricing on their website. You might ask yourself why they would do that?

The answer is simple, they don’t want to waste their time or their potential client’s time. Normally when a social media marketing agency doesn’t provide transparent pricing, it could mean that they have hidden costs that go with their social media ad services, or that they don’t have a straightforward pricing system.

When an agency does give you transparent pricing for their services, this means that they are very interested in finding serious clients. This means that the agency whats you to be informed right away about the budget, and what to expect to pay for their social media advertising services.

Research Is King

If you have gone to google and searched “best social media marketing agency near me,” well welcome to Strise. Here at Strise, we help businesses like yours determine where your advertising dollars should go to provide the highest ROI. Strise’s social media experts are ready to use our services to help you reach your goals.

Strise has driven over $15 million in sales and generated over 250 thousand leads for clients. If you’re looking to see the benefits of our social media advertising services, reach out to our team to receive a free growth plan.

Our Social Media Advertising Pricing

We post our pricing because we are a social media advertising agency that believes in transparency. Our reasonable pricing and services give us the ability to help small to large businesses alike to reach their goals.


$ 500 Monthly
  • $800 Initial Investment
  • 1 Social Network
  • Up to 4 Ads
  • Up to 2 Audiences
  • Ad Account Optimization
  • Up to $3,000 in Ad spend


$ 700 Monthly
  • $1,100 Initial Investment
  • 2 Social Networks
  • Up to 8 Ads
  • Up to 4 Audiences
  • 1 Retargeting Ad
  • Up to $6,000 in Ad spend


$ 900 Monthly
  • $1,400 Initial Investment
  • 3 Social Networks (+$100 for every one after)
  • Up to 12 Ads
  • Up to 6 Audiences
  • 2 Retargeting Ads
  • Up to $10,000 in Ad spend

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