Social Media Design Services To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Great social media marketing starts with high-quality content and uniform branding. Both of these are impossible if you don’t have the correct design work, this is because social media is a visual platform. Strise can help with your Social Media design services needs!

We design your social media to stand apart from the rest.

Your customers are sharing your brand, talking about your brand, and getting ideas and reviews about your brand. This is why having a great first impression is so important. With Strise’s social media design, we mimic the look and feel of your website throughout all of your social media platforms.

As one of the top social media marketing companies, we offer:

What social media design services do we offer?

As one of the best social media design companies in the space, Strise offers several social media design options for those who are purchasing one of our social `media design plans

Facebook Profile Design

People who use Facebook want to be able to get ahold of the businesses through Facebook. When you create a great-looking Facebook page with a custom header, profile photo, and other elements, you are making a first impression that will stand out against your competition. 

You might be asking yourself, what is the best way to reach the billions of Facebook users? That’s where we come in, the best way is to translate your website information into your Facebook page. This includes:

Just having a Facebook page isn’t enough, you should be posting to your Facebook profile daily. You will want to post if you have an event, hire a new employee, win an award, get a new client, celebrate a birthday, it doesn’t matter what the situation, you should be posting that on Facebook. Doing this will keep your audience engaged and interested and will keep your business in their mind at all times.

LinkedIn Profile Design

For B2B businesses LinkedIn is a powerful platform. When you have a great-looking professional LinkedIn page, with a custom header, and profile photo, you are making a first impression that states you’re the leader in your industry.

Just having a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough, you should be posting educational content daily. This could be a blog article, white paper, news article, e-books, and more. Doing this will keep your potential customers engaged and keep your company in their minds as an industry leader.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest Profile Design

Your customers are using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to see what you’re offering and if it’s worth them purchasing. Having an attractive profile is the best way to get someone to stop on your profile to look at the images you’re posting.

Just having an awesome profile isn’t enough, you have to post images and articles that drive engagement and pique the interest of your customers who are browsing through your profile. This could be a customer image, custom image, mini video, infographic, birthday, or anything else that can be represented by images. You should be posting 1-2 times a day for Instagram, up to 15 times a day for Twitter, and 1-2 times a week for Pinterest. Keeping to a consistent posting schedule will keep your potential customers engaged and will have a higher chance of driving them to purchase or book an appointment.

Your Company Blog

Having a blog on your website gives your team a chance to show off your expertise in your industry. By creating interesting content and then spreading that content through your social media channels you will get engagement and a boost in website traffic. But if your blog is ugly, not mobile-optimized, and hard to navigate you will have a hard time getting your visitors to stay long enough to read anything.

Getting your blog designed by Strise will create a unique look for your blog. We want your blog to speak to other people who are in your industry and your best prospects are those who come to your blog. So developing a look for your blog that shows off a little is a good thing because it will catch the attention of your customers. This is why we go above and beyond for our blog designs, we integrate special effects and graphic elements that will make your visitors say “WOW” and want to stay on your site. 

Having an amazing blog design requires designing a layout that you liked, then building that layout into a blogging platform, to have this done right you will want to use a professional.

Our Social Media Design Services

Since Strise is one of the nations leading social media design companies, we understand the importance of having a well-designed social media page. It doesn’t matter if you need a cover photo, profile photo, integrated blog, or a simple icon, our designers can develop something eye-catching and professional while making sure it matches your brand to the smallest detail.


$ 700 Facebook
  • Best Practices Implementation
  • Page Content Additions
  • Facebook Best Practices Documentation


$ 900 Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Initial Seeding (25+ Likes)
  • 10 Posts Written
  • LinkedIn Best Practices
  • Facebook Landing Page
  • Facebook Like Optimization


$ 1100 Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Initial Seeding (50+ Likes/Follows)
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Instagram Optimization

Do you need a custom social media profile or a page designed?

Strise is happy to help you with your idea or requests. You can contact one of our experts to ask about any design services or any other social media marketing questions you may have. Contact us online and let’s build a custom plan for you today!

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