Client Testimonials

Our clients love us (and we love them too!)


Plastic Surgeon – San Francisco, CA

Strise has made it so I can concentrate on what I do best. Their knowledge and experience have given me back time to concentrate 100% on my patients. The best agency I have worked with and I highly recommend them.


Chiropractor – New York, NY

Outstanding company and I like how they flooded us with leads and increased our revenue the first month by $15,000. The dynamics are excellent at this company, and I will continue to use them for years to come.


Cosmetic Dentist – Greenbay, WI

Terrence and his team are excellent; in the first month, we had over 100 leads that turned into $10K in revenue. In the second month, we made 15K in revenue. It was worth every penny as we have more work than we can handle. Great job, guys. Appreciate all your hard work.


Gym Owner – Houston, TX

I have worked with many marketing agencies in the past, but Strise’s social media services are the best, hands down. They expanded our social presence on Facebook and Instagram by over 20,000 people in under four months. They are very understanding of my companies needs. They have treated me like a partner instead of a customer throughout this whole journey. They have a fantastic social media expert team that is super creative and connected to the digital world.

Anthony & Jennifer

Real Estate Agents – Oak Creek, WI

Strise. What can I say other than wow! At first, I was unsure how social media and google paid ads would help sell houses, but boy, was I wrong. The first house we posted with Strise generated 87 buyer leads, dozens of private showings, and 280 open house attendees for two open house dates. In our first month with Strise, we sold six houses and got eight new listings. We will be using Strise for years to come.


Car Dealership – Chicago, IL

Terrence and his team deserve high praise. They have succeeded in advancing our digital marketing strategy to the next level month after month. Their superior performance has made it where our sales team hit their quota in the first two weeks. We are enjoying and reaping the benefits of Strise daily. The communication between us has been seamless and incredible. I refer Strise to any dealership looking to take your sales and customer retention to the next level.


Electrician – Phoenix, AZ

I was very hesitant to go with Strise initially, but I am so glad that I did. The team is excellent, and they know what they are doing, and they put your mind at ease about growing your business. Thank you, Strise, for exceeding my expectations.


Storage Facility – Seattle, WA

Our website traffic has increased by over ten times, and our bounce rate has dropped by 74 percent. These guys know what they are doing, and they give full attention to clients. I defiantly recommend them for any project.


Women’s Clothing Boutique – San Diego, CA

Strise’s approach is like no other. The results were beyond predictions within just a few months. Sales through Google and Facebook are continually increasing each month, and I have never been happier.


Yoga Instructor – Denver, CO

Strise created a fantastic website and have provided outstanding service. Our email list continues to grow month over month, and our classes are filling up quickly. Keep up the excellent work.


Jeweler – Modesto, CA

Everyone on the team is so knowledgeable and is a pleasure to work with.


VP Marketing Casino & Hotel – Reno, NV

You have done a fantastic job optimizing our website. Thank you for helping us rank at the top of Google.


Dentist – Miami, FL

Strise has steadily increased our new patients every month. We have had to hire two new technicians to keep up. Great job, guys.


Chiropractor – Las Vegas, NV

Since working with Strise, I can now concentrate 100% on my patients. We have seen a steady 2% growth every month, which has caused me to hire a few new people.


Yoga Instructor – Orlando, FL

Classes have filled up like crazy, and I can’t keep up. This is a great problem to have. Thanks, Strise!!


Chiropractor – Seattle, WA

5-12 is the number of new patients I have had every month since working with Farid, Terrence, and their team. They are amazing, and the communication is perfected. I recommend them to any Chiropractor who is looking to take their practice to the next level.

Brad & Darcie

Family Dentist – Phoenix, AZ

We have had to hire two new dental technicians in 90 days. This is a great problem to have. Since working with Strise, the business has shot through the roof. Last month my wife and I had 27 new patients. Strise has been patient with us and has helped us every step of the way. They have even trained our assistant to manage our social profiles to book clients through our Facebook and Instagram pages. I appreciate everything they have done for us so far and cant wait to see what the future holds.


Restaurant Owner – Seattle, WA

Wow, that’s all I can say since I have owned my restaurant, it has never been as busy as now that I have Strise handling our marketing. We were worried because of having to shut down because of Covid-19. Still, Strise helped us implement a new strategy to utilize our outside space and delivery. After opening back up, we were still able to see growth on a month by monthly basis. If you own a restaurant, you want to have Strise in your corner, especially now.


Tax Accountant – St. Pete, Florida

2 years ago we made a huge mistake by going with a budget-oriented website developer to update our website. After we went live, we noticed that our company no longer showed up in specific search results. We contacted Strise to help with our plummeting SEO score. After Strise took over our SEO stopped falling and about a month later we saw small growth. A year later and we have seen 25% growth just last month alone. It’s very obvious that Strise is worth every penny. They took us from being almost non-existent in certain searches, to now showing up alongside million-dollar firms. I would recommend Strise SEO, Website, and Lead Generation services to any business that has a website.


General Contractor – San Antonio, TX

Strise doesn’t just build highly competitive SEO sites, they also provide the client with the support and education needed to feel confident and involved throughout the build process. They are quick to make changes and respond with thorough information to any questions you might have. Working with them was a very great experience from start to finish.

Retention Rate
Strise is a trusted choice for businesses that are looking for social media marketing services. With a client retention rate of 90%, we provide an unparalleled client experience and unmatched results. Strise has a competitive advantage over other agencies due to our competitive campaigns and our next-generation technology we guarantee our results no matter what your goals are.

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