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In this report you will find opportunities for:

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Get a complete assessment of your website’s style, brand, optimization, performance, and search engine optimization (SEO) with our free audit, which will conduct a full audit of your website and generate a personalized growth report for your business.

Inside this report, you’ll find:

Keep reading to learn more about using our website analyzer, plus how to read our website audit report and recommendations so you can start ranking higher in search results and earning more traffic!

1) User Experience

User experience and design is a strategic process of enhancing your website by improving the visual elements, usability, accessibility, and interactions. This ensures that the site is user friendly and intuitive to use. 

We audit the following for User experience:

Website development

2) Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take action on your website. This could be filling out a form, becoming a customer, or subscribing to a newsletter. 

Online shopping website

Check out everything we grade for conversion optimization.

3) SEO/Online Visibility

SEO gives you an edge over your competitors by bringing more traffic to your website from searches they make on search engines like Google.

SEO or search engine optimization concept

We check the following in our audits:

4) Performance & Security

Securing your website builds trust with your visitors and slow loading pages are a killer! Make your pages faster! Increasing your page load time can improve your visitor experience and increase your conversion rates.

Investors are using laptops entering investment websites stocks market and partners

This is what we check to make sure your website is secure and fast:

5) Technical WordPress Assessment

WordPress is a powerful and feature rich platform, when its not configured correctly and updated frequently you are risking your website security, performance, stability and functionality.

contemporary website developer man typing and writing code for program website

This is what we check to make sure your website is best it can be with wordpress:

6) Accessibility

Website accessibility refers to the practice of ensuring your website is designed and developed so people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with them.

Responsive design mockup

This is what we check to make sure that your website is accessible:

7) Content Format & Copy

In order to stand out and dominate the industry your website content and copy needs to be well written, formatted so its easy to read, SEO friendly and focused on your ideal audience.

Startup Business Website Content Design Layout on Paper

Here are the things we check to make sure you are doing just that:

Here are the things we check to make sure you are doing just that:

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